Saturday, December 24, 2011

Story Time

Although I am not feeling particularly festive this year, I do have a story about my favorite Christmas movie for you.

Every year when we were on Christmas Break my Mom would take us to 'The Video Store' (I don't even remember it's real name anymore).  For older movies they had this deal called 5 movies, 5 days, $5.  And we were allowed to go and collectively pick 5 movies that we could watch while we were on break.  We did this for years.  EVERY year I wanted to get Prancer, it's my favorite Christmas movie.  I have NO idea where I got this obsession with this movie, but I love it!

I don't think I'd seen it in a couple years, except for when it came on TV, after I went away to college, but my Mom a few years ago found it on DVD, so I now own the movie.   It'll forever be my favorite!  I'm actually really looking forward to watching it this year.  It's one of the only things I really want to do on Christmas.

Well that's my Christmas Story for you all...G'night my <3's and Merry Christmas!

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