Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thoughts for Today

I complain a lot sometimes, about life, and how I wish things were different.  And I'm not sure what is different about today. Maybe it was just hearing someone else say what I usually think, but...
Although my life is not fancy or glamorous, it's not one most people would be jealous of, and most of the time doesn't really exist outside of's mine.
I have earned the hangovers, battle wounds, scars, credit issues, heart breaks, and lessons learned. I can't say I am always happy with where I am in life. But I know I'll have earned what I get in the end, because it's my life and no one else can live it for me. And that is good enough!


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Friday, February 3, 2012

Put to the Test

The last few days have been rough on my heart and my head.  I have been thinking a lot about my life, my future, and where I want to end up.  Life never seems to end up exactly how I thought it would.  My life path is not a straight one...that's for sure.

I was watching Tori and Dean last night, the episode where Hattie was born, (don't judge me by my tv selection).  And it made me sad.  I love when other people get their fairy tales, but it always makes me sad that I haven't found mine.  When I was little I always envisioned going off to college and meeting the love of my life there, finding a career and getting everything I ever wanted out of life.  Never in any of those dreams did I think that I would be 26, without a car, living with a roommate I want to kill most days, working in a restaurant (which I honestly don't mind doing), still trying to find the love of my life.  Now I realize I have made the choices I have in life, which is why I have ended up where I am.  And I have learned along the way, which is all any one can ever hope for.  But sometimes I wish the decisions I am forced to make would get easier.

I do my best to be grateful for everything I've been given in life, and I know what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Sometimes I just wish I wasn't constantly being put to the test.