Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Rules

I have two rules/qualifications when it comes to someone I might be able to spend my future with.  They're small, but I feel important.

1.  I have to like kissing you, we have to "fit".  When I say kissing, I do not mean making out, I mean the simple act of kissing.  I think kissing is an under-rated form of affection, but it's an important one.  Years from now when we're old and gray sex will become a less important act, but in my opinion kissing never gets old.

There are bad kissers out there, no one can be good at everything.  But what makes most people bad, in my opinion, is that you're just not "fitting" with the person you think is a bad kisser.  You're just not meant to be...

So that's Rule #1.  I have to like kissing you, because I'm going to want to for the rest of my life.

2.  I have to be able to sleep next to you in the same bed without you driving me insane.  And again I mean the simple act of sleeping.  This rule is insanely important to me, because as most people know I LOVE to sleep, so if you're going to be sleeping next to me for the rest of my life I better be getting good sleep.

I'm OCD, I like things a certain way.  Especially my bed!  I make it every day, the same way, I'm a neat sleeper, I like pillows and lots of blankets.  I like to cuddle, but I like my space when I'm ready to sleep.  I don't eat in my bed because it's where I sleep, and I like it to stay clean.  I wear the same pj's to bed every night, and I change when I get up because they are only for sleeping.  Some people aren't like that...and that's fine, but you're not for me.  And just for the record, despite what certain people have said, they have failed in this category...miserably!  When I say I'm picky...I mean it :)

I'm not really sure the point of this blog, just wanted to write it.  Enjoy!


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