Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Real Erika

I am being naughty, and taking a few minutes from work to write this quick blog.  It's just something I've been thinking about since last night and I needed to write it.

The last two...almost three really...years of my life have been a lot of ups and downs.  A lot of figuring out who I am, what I want do with my life, and just trying to deal with what life throws at you.  I got very lucky and have been blessed with some wonderful new friends in the last few years, and I was blessed with what was a great relationship.  However, I have been slacking in the work department.  I guess being fired from two, essentially three, jobs all within a 6 month time period can shatter anyone's confidence.

I got a job, a few months ago now, which I was very happy to start. I'm not much of a morning person, but I still like going to work every morning. And I just got a second job last night, I start training today.  I hope it all goes well!

I think some people don't understand working two jobs, but I feel like that's who I am.  I worked two jobs while going to school all throughout my Bachelor's.  It's busy and sometimes a bit stressful, and tiring, but I like it.  And I am actually very glad to be going back to that life.  I like being busy, I like not living pay check to pay check (hopefully I won't have to...fingers crossed).

The downfall of being so busy is that I don't get to see my friend's as much.  So I hope all of you understand, but I promise to make as much time for you as possible.  I have enjoyed spending time with everyone as much as I wanted, but I do prefer to be busy, have things going on, feeling productive.  I'm such an independent girl, and I haven't felt very independent recently.

So...I hope you all understand when I have to work instead of coming out, but I hope that at least some of the time you can come visit me at work.  And I am very glad to be feeling like myself again!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Much <3

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