Friday, March 20, 2015

Chevron Wall Art

I decided in a late New Years resolution to do more creative projects, so I started with a painting for our guest room. And I decided I would blog it and share it. I don't have pictures of all of my steps, so I'll write them out instead. 

1. I painted the entire canvas with: Artist's Loft - Metallic White, 2 coats

2. I used Frog Tape Delicate and made Chevron stripes. I didn't measure...I just eyeballed it. 

3. I painted all but one stripe with: Artist's Loft - Grey, 2 coats. I painted one stripe with a mix of Artist's Loft - Phthalo Green and Metallic White, 2 coats. 

This is the result of the first 3 steps

4. I used Frog Tape and taped the top of the painting so that I could paint the edges with: Artist's Loft -  Metallic Black, 2 coats. 

5. I sealed the painting with: Liquitex Satin Varnish, 2 coats. 

The end result...

There are some tape runs, and it's not perfect, but I have to remind myself that nothing is perfect and I made it and enjoyed using my creativity again. Can't wait for the walls to be painted in our guest room and to hang the painting in the spot I envisioned it for. I'll post a final picture when it gets there. Until then...enjoy! And don't be afraid to use your own creativity. 

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