Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I was told I need to blog more, and since today is such a talked about "holiday" I thought I'd put my two cents in on the day.

I, in true Valentine's tradition, wore all black today, I have done so since high school.  Contrary to what most people might think, I am not bitter...although to be honest it probably started out that way...  I wear black because, well, it's tradition...and because who wants to do what everyone else does and wear pink or red anyway?!  I actually hate this so called 'holiday' because in my opinion there shouldn't be one day set aside where people are suppose to be romantic and try to "prove" to each other how much they love each other.  If you wait till Valentine's day to be romantic, then you are not much of a romantic at all.

I'm all for traditions, so if you have a tradition to send flowers, buy cards, go out to dinner, etc. then I'm all for it. For example, my Grandma sends us Grandkids cards with $2 bills inside.  She has done this ever since I can remember.  She thought about stopping the tradition a year or so ago, and several of us, including me, protested.  Why break with tradition?  Do I need a $2 bill?  No, but it's tradition!  That being said, don't send flowers or cards just because you're 'suppose to' original.

So...consider this blog to be my warning to any future/potential Valentine's of mine.  Be spontaneous, be original, do something personal that matters to you and I...and not just on Valentine's day.  I don't want to celebrate our relationship/love/whatever on the same day that everyone else celebrates theirs!  I want different!  I want of a kind!

That all being said.  I hope you ALL had a wonderful Valentine's Day and you spent it exactly HOW you wanted to with exactly WHO you wanted to.  Much LOVE to you all!


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