Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pictures & Memories

I have been looking through pictures a lot recently and thinking about the memories that go along with those pictures.  Even though a lot of the most recent pictures are related to my relationship with 'you know who' (and if you don't know who just pretend...thanks!) I am actually very happy to have those memories!  There are pictures from the night that I met him, my favorite picture of the two of us, a couple holidays, his birthday, and even our last night out together which incidentally was probably the night that ended our relationship.  At first it hurt to look back at those pictures, because I was so happy in them and that happiness had been taken away from me.  But I am proud to say I have finally gotten to the point that looking through those pictures doesn't hurt.  I am happy to have those pictures and the memories that go with them.  I was really happy when those pictures were taken and I like remembering how happy I felt, I think it has helped to remind myself that I'll get there again...when I'm ready.

I have never been much of a picture taker.  I've had a camera for a while, and continue to get new ones.  Each time I get a new camera I think that I'll take pictures more, but then I never do.  I carry a camera around with me in my purse and it almost never comes out.  I am, however, lucky enough to know a lot of people that do love to take pictures, and I'm grateful for them because they have given me so many pictures to accompany thousands of memories.  If you are those photo takers in my life just know that I appreciate you more than you know!

Now...a quick reflection of some of my favorite photos....

PS...I got a little carried away :)

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