Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Everything Happens for a Reason

This might be a repeat title in my blog, but it's a phrase that all of us, at some point in our lives, will need to be reminded. And it's something that I am remembering today.

I am no stranger to dark days. And I'm sure I will have many more in my lifetime. I have never skated through life unharmed. I have had many obstacles, some of which I've overcome, some of which I haven't. But I've always learned, adapted.

I've learned things about myself. I've learned things about other people, my friends, former friends, my family. And I've adapted. I learned to live without a car for two years. I walked to work, took cabs and buses. It wasn't easy and certainly not fun, but I did it. I unfortunately have learned to be unemployed. I have learned to keep myself busy, to conserve money and to borrow when I have to. I have learned that you can't always count on the people you thought you could and you will get taken advantage of. But I am a better, stronger person because of everything I've been through.

And like the title says, Everything Happens for a Reason. I have gone through all I have, met the people I have all to make me who I am.

And sometimes life rewards you for your struggles. In the midst of one of the hardest years of my life I was lucky enough to be blessed with a new job and through that job I found him. The job, as it turns out, was not so great. But it led me to him. When I met him I wasn't sure I was ready. Wasn't sure I could be in a relationship after everything I'd been through recently. But my head was proven wrong by my heart. And I couldn't be happier.

I found someone who I might never have pictured myself with, but he's exactly what I need, want. And I love him.

Nothing is ever perfect and neither are we. But I've learned that when you really care, it really is worth fighting for, working for. And at the end of the day, despite feeling frustrated or defeated sometimes, there is no other place I'd rather be than sleeping right beside him.

So, everything really does happen for a reason. Whether you recognize it right away or not. And sometimes when you least expect it you'll be blessed with exactly what you need. So keep your head up everyone!

Babe, I'm the lucky one! I love you!

<3 E

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