Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Service Industry

I realize that I choose to work in the service industry and as a whole...I like the service industry.  But nights like tonight...make me question my decision...  Nights like tonight prove how remarkably unintelligent this society is, how much everyone only looks out for themselves, and proves how annoying working in this industry can be. order to make myself feel better by bitching, and perhaps educate those of you that don't know...let me tell you just how annoying some people can be.

1. If you see a door with a W or an M on it...chances are it is a restroom.  W standing for Women.  M standing for Men.  Apparently...this is confusing.

2. Bathrooms are, per health code and other such codes, required to be handicap accessible.  That means...when looking for a bathroom it is safe to say they are not up a flight of stairs...

3. If there is a door with the words "Push" or "Pull" on it...and there are no other such doors.  That is probably the front door.  Also, confusing...I know!

4. If after you walk through that confusing door with the "Push" or "Pull" written on it and there is a desk...chances are there is a hostess.  And since there is a hostess that means there is someone that is getting paid to seat you at a table.  Which's not a free-for-all and you are not permitted to sit wherever it is that you want.  Especially when it is busy and there are perhaps people waiting, like civilized people, for a table that you have now just sat yourself at clean or unclean, without menus, silverware, and other necessary dining accessories.

I could go on forever...but I'll wrap this up.

5.  After you have been seated, served your food, drinks, etc.  And you decide you are finished it is customary to pay your tab...yes you were charged for these items that you consumed so you should pay for them.  It is also customary to tip...because after all you indulged in my services and I am not working for free. If you can't afford it...stay home.'s been that kind of night.

G'night my Lovelies!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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